• Do Buckley’s syrups go bad?

    All medicine goes bad, which means it may become less effective. That’s why we don’t recommend using it after it expires. You’ll find an expiry date on every bottle of Buckley’s to tell you when it’s time to buy another bottle. 

  • Can you buy Buckley’s products outside of Canada?

    No you can’t. Buckley’s is proudly made in Canada, for Canadians (and visitors, of course).

  • What causes the bad taste in Buckley’s syrups?

    You’re not the only one who thinks Buckley’s syrups taste like pine needles. In fact, that’s why people love us. With ingredients like ammonium carbonate, menthol, Canada Balsam and pine needle oil, we weren’t trying to make it taste good, we were trying to make it work. And it does.

  • Do Buckley’s Syrups work?

    Do they ever. Our unique blend of herbal ingredients hasn’t changed for 100 years. People swear by us, and at us. Something that tastes so bad must work or we wouldn’t have been Canada’s favourite cough syrup for an entire century.

  • How do Buckley’s Syrups work?

    Buckley’s Syrups use a unique blend of herbal ingredients that taste awful, but they work. The experience is called The Buckley’s Effect. First, you take a hit of Buckley’s. Next you feel the instant blast of cooling relief. Feel your eyes water. Your sinuses clear. Feel a tingle in your throat. And your ears. Feel better.

  • Does Buckley’s make you drowsy?

    Only Buckley’s Nighttime products will make you drowsy. But it’s on purpose. Instead of tossing and turning all night, get a good night’s rest. This can help you feel better, faster. For your safety, we recommend you do not drive or be involved in any activity requiring attention.